Most advanced research in physics, quantum theories, and investigation in consciousness nowadays all point to the same direction, which is a unified and holistic view of the universe. Physics investigations on the true nature of reality and most advanced scientific studies on the nature of consciousness, all point to the interconnection between all things, the true nature of time and space. Many scientific studies establish verifiable facts that are challenging to the Newtonian paradigm and that have been calling for a paradigm shift for a long time.

Particularly relevant is the connection between the hidden nature of reality and the source of consciousness. An area extensively researched by the American government and scientists in this area is the study of the remote viewing phenomenon, which forms the essential basis for the movie Jupiter 2032.

This is why I, both as a scientist, and as a researcher in consciousness, fully endorse this extremely important movie. It is in my opinion very relevant to make all this verifiable information accessible to the largest audience possible, that is to everyone, not just the few working in very specialized areas of science, consciousness or spirituality.


Christophe Javon, PhD in Physics

Doctoral work at Commissariat of Atomic Energy of Cadarache, France | Author of "The Inner Journey"



I am inspired beyond words at what you are doing with Jupiter 2032 from the direction to narration, visuals, music, storyline, and intention. The time-lapse of the stars into the time-lapse of the lake and mountains was pure art. To convey in a visual manner the information that is necessary for the world to wake up to the fact that we are all the same, connected through the cosmos, is so necessary right now and to place it in the future is genius. I also enjoyed seeing the range of people you had from age to gender to culture. I was also moved by the different backgrounds conveyed in their passions and practices and the fact that this is a docu-fiction which I'm sure will intrigue many people as well as contribute to a lot of conversations upon it's release.

Thank you for putting your energy to a project that i am sure will help open the minds of the masses. I look forward to watching it's continual evolution.


Christian Miehls

Co-Founder, Director at The Meeting of the Minds

Former Partner at Visual MVMT



Long time intrigued by the art of creativity, beauty in film, connection, travel, energy, and all-things quantum, this film nails it for me. Jupiter 2032 is genius in that it blends cosmic with consciousness, all wrapped into a storyline clearly made by pure artists and quality filmmakers. Jumping? Absolutely my favorite part! I enthusiastically endorse the timing and relevance of this film; I support its evolution and its reach in our genre of film festival --- and far, far, beyond.


Shanin Dockrey

Development, ILLUMINATE Film Festival


I love what the team of Jupiter 2032 is creating. Children's stories and science fiction are two of my favorite genres, hence putting them together in a docu-fiction which includes science, oneness and consciousness is vastly intriguing to me! I am very excited and curious to see the result, and commit myself to aiding in any way! Jupiter 2032 is a refreshing, original concept and a film whose time has come!


Dev Ross

Emmy and Humanitas Winning screenwriter