The Hawaiian meaning of the word Lanikai: "sea heaven" or "heavenly sea" is the inspiration for the name of our company. It is also the purpose of Jupiter 2032: linking us and our planet to the whole.
Lanikai Films is an independent film production company founded by Susan Indich and Nathalie Vaglio with the goal to produce the visionary docu-fiction Jupiter 2032.
We are based in Oahu and Maui, Hawaii.
Our mission is to raise consciousness towards oneness and consciousness. We believe in the power of films to shift our reality to higher perspectives.
Jupiter 2032 is produced in collaboration with the digital media production company, Existence Design.




Founder | Producer
Nathalie is a multi-skilled French filmmaker with wide ranging credits including director, producer, writer, editor. Passionate by storytelling and existence, Jupiter 2032 is her first independent film.
Associate Producer
Marie Laure holds a Master's degree in Business and Tax law from the University of Paris II and a Master’s degree in Accounting from the CNAM in Paris. She brings her business and legal knowledge to Lanikai Films.
Founder | Producer
Susan is a multi-disciplinary artist who inspired by the NASA space sounds recordings, brought to life the “original idea” of Jupiter 2032. She is the main producer and philanthropist behind the project.
Senior Advisor
Bill holds a PH.D. in East West Philosophy from the University of Hawaii. He studied with Chogyam Trungpa, Rinpoche and he’s the author of “Consciousness in Advaita Vedanta”. Bill is the CEO and owner of Indich Collection Oriental Carpet Showrooms in Hawaii.