Everything is connected

We started the adventure of Jupiter 2032 with one will in mind: demonstrate the interconnection of all things.


In a world where everything tends to be separated and divided, it is very important for us to tell a story about oneness to show the unity that rules our world. The unity between us human beings and, at a higher level, the unity within the cosmos itself, the unity that links all life.


The idea of Jupiter 2032 was born from the NASA recordings of the sound of the planets. Many questions came out of those recordings. What if human being can hear and receive those frequencies? How could they affect each individual? Could they have an impact on human consciousness? Is everything connected by those vibrations?


We decided to begin the adventure and explore a new form of film-making: to produce a fiction as a documentary and have our brilliant interviewees guide us through the feasibility of such a theme. We decided to trust and let the story unfold itself.


We’ve interviewed visionary minds to understand those frequencies and how this Jupiter phenomenon could be possible. Psychics, Tibetan lama, sound engineer, quantum practitioner... It has been an incredible journey as we moved forward and filmed all those people so passionate talking about the vibrations of Jupiter and beyond. We visited so many topics... to name but a few, we are talking about: magnetic fields and cosmic frequencies; non-physical realities and our connection with the universe; Buddhism and ancient civilizations; DNA evolution and collective consciousness.


With Jupiter 2032, we are going in an adventure where the cosmos and life on earth work together, where frequencies have an impact on us and on our consciousness. We are going in adventure where everything is connected. Where everything is One.